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Idea for wedding, birthday party, Halloween and other celebrations.
Item No.: KS001 (150ml, 85g, flame-retardant and environmental gas 134a, conform to US standard.)
Item No.: KS002 (150ml, 80g, non-flammable gas F22, for South of America market.)
Item No.: KS003 (250ml, 50g, flammable gas DME, for Asia and Africa market.)
It is used to paint on window glass, Christmas tree to create a Christmas atmosphere.
Item No.: KS105( 250ml, 50g, flammable formula for Asia, Africa market.)
Item No.: KS106 ( 150ml, 85g, non-flammable formula for Europe,America and the South of America market. )
Gold/Silver metallic spray used to decorate Christmas ornaments, make them look shinning and brand new.
Item No.: KS012 (250ml, 85g)
It is used to create snowing scenery with artificial snow flakes flying in the air, could melt away soon after flow on the ground.
Item No.: KS101 ( 250ml, 50g, flammable gas formula for Asia and Africa)
Item No.: KS102( 250ml/540ml/720ml/1L, non-flammable formula for South of America and America market )
It can dye your hair with colorful tins, surprise your friends with your new amazing look at the party or festival. Washable and Assorted color.
Item No.: KS005 (150ml, 85g, US standard formula, low voc)
Item No.: KS006 (250ml, 85g, Europe standard formula)
Shine your hair or skin to make a bling bling look. Gold, Silver and Multi color.
Item No.: KS009 ( 150ml, 85g, US standard formula, low voc)
Item No.: KS010 ( 150ml, 85g, Europe standard formula)
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