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Air duster for computers, keyboards, printers, fax machines, audio/video equipment, etc.
Item No.: KS304 ( 400ml, 10oz)
For solid wood furniture, leatherware, musical instrument, household appliance, etc. Full of silicon oil makes furniture moisturizing and shinning, looks bright and natural.
Item No.: KS306 ( 150ml, 330ml)
Remove the unpleasing smell and leaves fresh-clean scent indoor quickly. Various kinds of high quality fragrance for choice: lemon, apple, strawberry, lavender, jasmine, rose, ocean, etc. Water base and alcohol base formula available.
Item No.: KS301 ( 300ml, 400ml)
It used to clean the air conditioner, sterilize and disinfect it.
Item No.: KS205 ( 400ml, 10oz)
It used to clean glass surface, oven, bowl, carpet, bathroom and all purpose. They makes cleaning more easier.
Item No.: KS302 ( 470ml, 396g)
Polishes your plants and fresh cut foliage in floral bouquets for a natural healthy look.
Item No.: KS307 ( 250ml, 330ml)
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